Mysteries of the Island I

Search for the Missing Otomo

The events on this adventure occur several months after the results from the Pillars of Unity adventure, in the Island of Miryoku no Shima, south of the Crane’s outpost known as the Aerie. During the previous adventure, the players divided into 3 groups in order to rescue 3 kidnapped Imperials. While all groups managed to successfully find the missing trio, one of them made an astonishing discovery: Otomo Kazuya was an Impostor! After defeating a mysterious creature that took Kazuya’s form, the party returned to the village bearing the news, only to discover that, the person kidnapped was the actual Otomo Kazuya and that by defeating the impostor they have killed the only individual who could provide clues as to the Otomo’s whereabouts.

For months, several rescue groups have been dispatched to find the Otomo, but none have found any clues. However, just when the search has to be discontinued, a party returned with news of a strange location: A cave filled with hieroglyphics and strange symbols and writings, which does not seem to resemble anything previously found in the Ivory Kingdoms.

Whether or not this strange place holds any relation with the kidnapping and disappearance of Otomo Kazuya is still unknown, but it certainly could provide some clues as to the strange phenomenon that surrounds this Island and that in turn could lead to at least finding the reasons behind the Imperial’s kidnapping.

Under orders form Otomo Suikihime, Governor of Second City, the Crane and Dragon who hold claim on these lands have opened the cave to the eyes of any member of the Empire who whishes to find the reasoning’s behind the incident.

The party has been sent by their superiors with orders to explore and learn anything possible from the mysterious cave. Some were send in order to curie favors from the Governor, while others have chosen to endeavor this mission in hopes to redeem themselves from failing to protect the Imperials in the first place.

The Discovery

An Unheard Voice

Quest for the Key

A Hidden Room

Finding the Otomo

A Gaijin Power

A Portal to an Unknown Destination

Mysteries of the Island I

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