Pillars of Unity

A Brotherhood’s Promise

Roughly a year after the Events of the Test of the Brotherhood Adventure, the Brotherhood of Shinsei has kept on its word in helping all the Clans by working together for the benefit of the Empire. Even as the bickering among Clans continue, the monks have found that the ideal of protecting the Empire remains paramount in the minds of the Samurai, a pillar of unity that prevent the Clans from growing too far apart.

But when the Imperial Governor of the Colonies announced that she will allow all Clans to openly explore and claim the resources in the former Ivory Kingdoms, not even the sanctity of the Empire could be enough to prevent an all out war among the Clans. For in the vast jungles of the Colonies, with riches to be found and glory to be obtained, the glorious Emerald Empire can easily become nothing but a distant memory.

In order to prevent this from happening, the Brotherhood has decided to bring the memory of a United Empire closer to the Colonies in the form of a giant sculpture. Consisting of three twisted pillars supporting each other, the sculpture is said to represent “the three aspects of humanity which must be balanced with each other for a soul to achieve enlightenment, much like the Clans must support each other for the Empire to remain standing”.

The Brotherhood has split the sculpture in three parts and each pillar was send via a different route, all meeting on the Island of Miryoku No Shima, an Island of enchantment where past grievances has been put aside, and where the Dragon and Crane now work together. They plan to have a special ceremony to reveal the sculpture, and you have been sent by your clan as a representative.

Miryoku No Shima

The Abduction

Searching for the Imperials

Recovering the Imperials

The Culprit

Missing Otomo

Pillars of Unity

D'Jinn of Shadows Tensei